The New York Times: Two Scientific Journals Retract Articles Involving Chinese DNA Research

He had previously analyzed 529 studies from China that involved genetic research and found that, among those published between 2011 and 2018, about half had a co-author who was from the police, military or judiciary. “These lines are very clear,” Professor Moreau said. “You can’t say: ‘I didn’t know, I didn’t realize and I have no influence.’”

Omstreden studies van Erasmus MC-onderzoeker met dna Oeigoeren worden teruggetrokken

Twee wetenschappelijke tijdschriften hebben publicaties van een Chinese onderzoeker van het Erasmus Medisch Centrum teruggetrokken, zo blijkt uit onderzoek van Follow the Money en RTL Nieuws. Hij kon onvoldoende aantonen dat Oeigoeren, een vervolgde minderheid in China, toestemming hebben gegeven voor het afstaan van hun dna. ‘Terugtrekking van een wetenschappelijk artikel op ethische gronden is zeer zeldzaam.’

Interview: Researcher Spells Out Concerns About ‘Unethical’ Chinese Police Uyghur DNA Research

'‘If we think people will get hurt, we have to do something about it,' says researcher Yves Moreau. Yves Moreau is a professor and bioinformatician at the University of Leuven in Belgium whose research focuses on AI algorithms and software platforms for the integration of complex data in clinical genomics and drug discovery. His LinkedIn profile says he is “engaged in a reflection on how information technology and artificial intelligence are transforming our world and on how to make sure this t

Genetic papers containing data from China’s ethnic minorities draw fire

When Yves Moreau, a bioinformatician at KU Leuven in Belgium, noticed a 2017 paper in Human Genetics that described the “male genetic landscape of China” based on a set of almost 38,000 Y-STR sequences, he saw a red flag. Y-STR stands for Y-chromosomal short tandem repeat polymorphism, bits of repetitive DNA often used in forensic investigations. Some of the samples came from Uyghurs and other minorities in China, and Moreau was skeptical that they had given informed consent for the use of their

Mass Resignations at Scientific Journal Over Ethically Fraught China Genetics Papers

Moreau said he will persist. “At this point, you cannot stay silent,” he told the Molecular Genetics & Genomic Medicine editorial board in one email. “This situation is creating a shameful embarrassment that reflects poorly on all medical genetics journals and on the entire medical genetics community. Public trust in human genetics depends on our community’s ability to transparently abide by its moral duty.”

Waarom China DNA van de Oeigoeren verzamelt

‘In de middeleeuwen waren de grenzen tussen landen vaak niet goed gedefinieerd. Pas toen de cartografen het land goed in kaart brachten, kwamen er grenzen die op de meter nauwkeurig bekend waren. Dat was het begin van de natiestaten. Als je kaarten maakt van de genetica van de mens, creëert dat de mogelijkheid om grenzen te trekken. Dat is zorgwekkend.’ Moreau noemt het voorbeeld van de Hutu’s en de Tutsi’s: ‘Het vastleggen en daarna registreren van de Hutu- en Tutsi-etniciteit op basis van fysieke kenmerken, door de koloniale overheersers begin twintigste eeuw, speelde een belangrijke rol in de Rwandese genocide. Dat is iets wat me echt angst aanjaagt.’

Forensic database challenged over ethics of DNA holdings

In March 2019, Moreau began looking into studies of minority populations in China. He spotted a 2017 review of almost 38,000 Y-chromosome profiles of men in China, held in the YHRD. It was co-authored by Willuweit and Roewer; other authors included researchers from Chinese public-security and police forces. “I realized that the YHRD was a problem,” says Moreau. The review stated that the profiles had been collected with informed consent — but Moreau argues that it’s hard to see how Uyghurs and other persecuted minority groups could have freely given it.
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